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It's all about selling products! Designed by a graphic/web designer and ecommerce consultant (read the whys)

  1. Preconfigured
  2. Light-weight responsive.
  3. No heavy modifications or core changes.
  4. Added new and old mods to help you sell, efficiently and effectively.

Read all about it in this series of explanatory pages.

Theme colors
Use the template switch box on the left to see samples of themes, including some custom background images and logos

Mods included:

  • Shopping cart in header as a sidebox
  • Shopping cart in menu bar - don't want the shopping cart in the header? There's another one in the menu bar (yes, you can turn this off and on as well). Combined EZ Page links and home link when you turn off the cart.
  • Secure Shopping box - configured with authorize.net and automatic credit card images
  • Category box - now it can be formatted with CSS - dress it up without installing a whole new mod.
  • Search boxes buttons fixes: choose to use either the default search button, the CSS button or a custom button.
  • Simplest Lightbox ever for the product page main image and additional images. Lightweight!
  • Streamlined Checkout - improving the Zen Cart checkout
  • Column Grid Mod Reconfigured
  • Metatags from admin - easy to change the metatags like site title and keywords
  • MailChimp Full Integration - easy install, three boxes and admin configuration
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