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About This Template

PLEASE NOTE: only one sample template is complete on this demo - classyWhite. You may find inconsistencies on the other provided templates. As these templates are custom, all necessary features will be installed on your website.

After years of writing mods for Zen Cart to overcome things that I felt were not advantageous, I finally decided to create a base template to use for my clients. My years of experience as an e-commerce specialist and Zen Cart expert made some of these changes a slam dunk, but I've also spent a lot of time on looking at the roadblocks to Zen Cart installation and configuration. 

Fast and Efficient

This template has no core changes and affects as few files as possible. It is responsive and based on the classic template rather than the default responsive that now comes with Zen Cart. That template I argued against during the process and I still dislike it for many reasons. It is not actually meant to be used (just like the classic) as is but instead only as proof that a responsive template is possible. In the end, the accompanying rewrites to the Zen Cart default template were actually pretty much what my template did already.

Customized for Your Website

As you cruise through the samples (selected in the template switch box), you can see not just sample demos, but also some templates I customized for clients. You get a color matched theme, some logo work if needed, and as much creativity as I can manage.

This one, for example, is completely my creation. I found the clip art, redid the logo and chose the colors.

Let's work together to make sure you have a well-branded and appropriate colored website! 

How to Buy

At first I did package this up as a mod for general sale but now I only install it as a custom template which includes design (sometime includes logos or logo work), installation and configuration. Buy now or give me a shout!

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