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New Admin Settings

This template introduces a number of new admin settings - some come from established mods but most are brand new. 

I also added a lot of changes in to turn off things that are not usually necessary on sites. I have a standard set of changes for every site I work on. So if things disappear, that because I changed these settings.


  • Store
    • Meta - Site Title - shows in search engine results*
    • Meta - Site Tagline - shows in the title*
    • Meta - Site Keywords*
  • Images - if Image Handler installed, there are many new settings. 
    • IH resize images - to turn on the automatic resizing. I will turn it on for you.
  • Customers - Mailchimp full integration. I will set this up for you.
    • Mailchimp ID
    • Mailchimp U
    • Mailchimp Sitename
    • Mailchimp API Key
  • Product Listing
    • Column Layout Grid: Product Listing - Layout Style, rows is default
    • Column Layout Grid: Product Listing - Layout Style - Customer Choice, allow customer choice of grid or rows, default is off
    • Product Listing - Show All, allow customer to switch between paged results and show all in a category, default is off.
    • Product Listing Box Min-height - you can change the height of the boxes - your other admin settings determine what shows in the boxes so you may well find that the boxes are too tall. Look for the product with the most information - longest title, sale price, free shipping - all increase the height of the product info and then adjust the numbers to fit.
  • ClassicBasic Template Configuration
    • Header Search Button - choose whether to use CSS buttons, default image or custom image for submit button.
    • Header Search box image - black or white magnifying glass.
    • Header Sidebox Search image  - black or white.
    • Turn on Advanced Search for header.
    • Home page centerboxes, above or below the main_page content.
    • Shopping Cart & EZPages - Have the shopping cart in the menu bar or use the shopping cart header box instead.
    • Add to Cart Options - Short product pages? Use the top or bottom button whichever you like. Make it easier on your customer to add to cart but realize the top button can make it easier for buyers to neglect to select options.
    • Move attributes from bottom to inside the Add to Cart box when at top.
    • Mobile Information Box - turn on to show information links in mobile dropdown
    • Mobile EzPages Box - turn on to show ezpages header links
    • Show the document categories in a separate sidebox or mixed into categories


  • Layout Boxes Controller
    • New: Cart_header.php, shopping cart in header
    • Secure Sidebox 
    • Search and search_header are reworked. Header is preferable; both are not necessary. Header now with an advanced search link.
    • Changes made to boxes that you may not use: manufacturers, currencies, music_genres, record_companies
    • Don't forget that categories box has been reworked - you may well not need an additional mod. 
  • Banners
    • All other banners deactivated so you don't have to do it.

Additional Settings that you might need to know about

  • Additional Images per row - depending on the size and number of your additional images on the product page, you may well need to change the number per row. Under Store > Images > Product Info - Number of Additional Images per Row
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