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Changed Settings

Configuration > Layout Settings

  • Change Bread Crumb separator to double arrow »
  • Turn off categories tabs in header
  • Turn on css buttons instead of using image based buttons
  • Turn off customer greeting on home page
  • Turn on show subcategories in category box
  • Turn off ip address in footer
  • Turn off home page breadcrumbs only
  • Turn off categories / links separator in categories box
  • Turn off subcategories prefix - use CSS formatting instead
  • Turn off categories counts separator

Configuration > Product Listing

  • Turn off product list alpha sorter dropdown
  • Turn off categories counts in category box to speed up site)

Configuration > Product Info

  • Turn off category images
  • Turn off previous/next

Catalog >Product Types > Products General

  • Product Type turn off date added
  • Product Type turn off tell a friend - just in case it's still there
  • Product Type turn off quantity in stock

Configuration >EZ-Page Settings

  • Change ezpages separator for bottom menu bar to pipe |
  • Change ezpages separator for top menu bar to round dot

Tools > Layout Boxes Controller

  • Turn off layout box - languages
  • Turn off layout box - currencies
  • Turn off layout box - who's online
  • Turn off layout box - more info
  • Turn off layout box - ezpages
  • Turn off layout box - reviews
  • Turn off layout box - documents
  • Turn off layout box - manufacturers
  • Turn off layout box - music genres
  • Turn off layout box - record companies
  • Turn off layout box - all banner boxes
  • Turn off layout box - what's new
  • Turn off layout box - shopping cart
  • Turn off layout box - tell a friend - just in case it's still there

Other settings

  • Configuration > Define Pages - Turn off page 2, 3, 4 - you really shouldn't be using those!
  • Tools >Banner Manager -Turn off all banners
  • Configuration > Customers - these are usually not necessary and are turned off for ease of checkout: date of birth, email salutation, company, fax
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