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New Features for 1.5.7!

The 1.5.7 template is tested and ready! There's some new features and some tinkering with code and formatting.

Add to Cart Box on the product information page can now have the attributes displayed in it. You can see the look here.

The classyWhite template shows the new mobile features. Eventually all the templates here on this site will also show them but I have to upgrade each template separately and that is going to take a while to get to.

For mobile only, there is now the ability to turn on the information box (not pictured here) and the ezpages box which is shown below. This is separate from the actual sideboxes and can be turned off and on at will without affecting the full version. This then gives you some real versatility for mobile as it does use the links turned on for the ezpages sidebox only.

So you can create new links just for mobile, not turn it on for the deskstop but have it showing for mobile. This is only going to be available for 1.5.7 sites and will be added into sites when I upgrade the template. 

Another change recently is that all template settings are now in their own section in admin under configuration. This makes it easier for the site owner to see template specific settings and for anyone who wants to remove the template, then they can more easily pull the settings out of the database. I have had to fight with database cleanup for sometimes years because some folks have not been this farsighted.

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